Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nail Enhancements at Synergy Beauty Salon in Studley

There is nothing quite like a relaxing, professional nail service to give you a confidence boost!

At Synergy Beauty Salon we offer top quality acrylic nail enhancements with many of our clients giving us 5-star reviews to say we are the best salon in Studley for 3D & 2D nail art.

We offer a wide range of professional nail extensions, nail art, manicures & pedicures to deliver the best nail services in the Studley area. Bitten nails and chipped nail varnish can really ruin your look, so why not choose a long-lasting acrylic nail service from our nail experts at Synergy Beauty Salon in Studley?

acrylic nails in studley at synergy beauty salon

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The Best Acrylic Nails in Studley

The key to a great set of acrylics is to visit a qualified, professional nail technician. Our expert nail technician specialises in nail extensions and is skilled in creating amazing 3D and 2D nail art using acrylic nail enhancements. Acrylic nails are a great way to instantly add strength, and length to your nails as well as helping to repair split nails or gaps.

From long almond shaped claws to a short squared off nails, our talented nail technician can sculpt any shape, design and look imaginable!

Why Choose Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are the perfect way to ensure your hands look their best for a special occasion such as a wedding, or holiday. No matter if you want a traditional manicure, natural and glossy look, or a bright, bold sculptured nail, we can help. Using only the best professional nail polishes & products we will deliver a long lasting nails – talk to your nail technician about the different nail services available at Synergy Hair & Beauty Salon.

Your acrylics will gradually grow out with your natural nails, so regular maintenance appointments are needed to keep your nails looking neat and tidy. Regrowth nail appointments depend on how fast your nails grow, but on average allow around two weeks between salon visits. Chat to your Synergy nail technician about whether you require infills, or rebalancing adjustments to the size and shape of your acrylic nails.

3D & 2D Sculptured Nails at Top Studley Salon 

acrylic nails in studley at synergy beauty salonacrylic nails in studley at synergy beauty salonacrylic nails in studley at synergy beauty salon

acrylic nails in studley at synergy beauty salonacrylic nails in studley at synergy beauty salonacrylic nails in studley at synergy beauty salon

Acrylic Nail Prices

Acrylic Full Set £35.00
Acrylic Full Set With Gel £40.00
Acrylic Infill  £25.00
Acrylic Infill With Gel  £35.00
Soak Off  £15.00

Visit the Nailcare Experts in Studley at Synergy Hair & Beauty Salon

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