CACI Quantum


CACI Quantum Treatments at Synergy Beauty Salon, Studley

The CACI Quantum system takes off where the CACI non-surgical facelift left off, offering Synergy Beauty Salon clients a full-body toning experience. Our CACI Quantum machine has over 70 pre-programmed modes that can be applied for the following;

  • facial toning
  • acne
  • contouring bust and buttocks
  • wrinkles
  • eliminating cellulite
  • scar tissue
  • lymphatic drainage

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The CACI Quantum machine uses microcurrent facial techniques alongside faradic slimming and toning applications, redefining facial muscles and reducing the appearance of wrinkles in the process. The CASI Quantum treatment is aslo a fantasic way of tightening and toning sagging body muscles.

With a huge celebrity following, these inexpensive body toning and tightening treatments can have some dramatic results. In one session with CACI Quantum, you can achieve the same as:

  • 360 perfect sit-ups
  • 360 perfect leg raises
  • 360 perfect buttock clenches

All without stepping foot into a gym!  With other benefits including the reduction of the appearance of cellulite, inch loss and restoration of muscle strength let the body contouring treatment of CACI Quantum body treatments transform your body, cost-effectively.

For more information on CACI as a non-surgical facelift and facial treatment please click here.

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