Fuzz Free with IPL Hair Removal at Synergy!

Fuzz Free with IPL Hair Removal at Synergy!

Permanent Hair Removal at Synergy Hair & Beauty, Studley

woman-shavingHair Raising Shaving Facts…

As the summer months are coming to a close and let’s be honest, we’ve had the best summer with the best runs of hot weather in years, let us ask you… how many times do you think you’ve shaved over the last few months?

Shaving and hair removal. Gah! It’s literally the bane of any girl’s life. I mean, you’re running late for the office, your work trousers need ironing and the only thing that’s semi decent is that little tea dress at the back of the wardrobe. Darn and blast! You’ve not shaved your legs for a few days and they’re really spikey and guaranteed to catch the sunlight – catching you out with your fuzzy non shaving tardiness. What do you do? Dry shaving is never an option… eek! Razor burn is just awful. And you’ve no time to jump back in the shower so it’s a manic manoeuvre of contortion and discomfort to get your feet in the sink, splash on the water and manically de-fuzz those pins before you can set foot in public!

Did you know?

The average woman will shave over 7,000 times in her lifetime! Wow!

With the average shaving session (legs, underarms and bikini line if that’s your chosen method) taking 10 minutes that’s over 40 days of your lifetime spent getting rid of unwanted hair! What a lot of time wasted doing something that can easily and safely be removed permanently.

If you want to say goodbye to the hassle and expense of shaving and say hello to a new fuzz-free you then IPL hair removal from Synergy Hair & Beauty, Studley should definitely be on your wish list!

Favoured by celebrities, models, athletes and many many people who want a permanent solution to hair removal, IPL hair removal is the cost effective way of ridding your body of unwanted hair in a variety of areas including:


  • never_shave_againlegs
  • underarms
  • bikini line
  • chin
  • forearms



So, if you want to avoid this hair removal stress from your life, consider a course of IPL treatment with Synergy Hair & Beauty Salon in Studley, Warwickshire. Check out our IPL hair reduction page for more information on how IPL works, how many IPL treatments you will need and information about suitability for IPL permanent hair reduction treatments.