Ladies it’s Leap Year = Proposal Time Bridal Hairstyle Ideas

It’s Leap Year Ladies, time to Propose To Your Partner on 29th February 2016

There’s no secret that if you wait for your man to propose, you could be waiting a long time.  2016 is a Leap Year, why not take the initiative, get down on one knee and do the honours? After all it’s the most logical next step and you know you want to.

At Synergy Hair and Beauty Salon, Studley it’s all about you!  Our fantastic hair stylists and beauticians are waiting to inspire and guide you so that your bridal hairstyle will be just perfect on your Wedding Day!  You’re safe in our hands – we’ll make sure that your wedding day hairstyle enhances not only your natural beauty, but also the whole of your bridal theme too

At Synergy Hair & Beauty, Studley we’re passionate about wedding hair and beauty.  Step into our Studley salon and we’ll make you look and feel like the princess you deserve to be on one of the most important days of your life.

Wedding & Bridal Hairstyle Ideas

Where to start? When it comes to bridal and wedding day hairstyles the possibilities are endless. If you’re thinking about changing the colour of your hair, or perhaps growing it for your wedding day, then preparation is a must! Please don’t worry if your hair hasn’t grown to the length you really wanted…hair extensions were created just for this reason. Not only can you have those long, luxurious locks with volume in abundance that you’ve dreamed of for so long, you could also add splashes of vibrant colour too for your Big Day.

Our hair extensions are versitile and can be used in lots of ways.  Whether you need additional length, volume or tonal colours, hair extensions are the answer to your dream wedding day hairstyle prayers.  Discuss your bridal hair desires with your stylist at Synergy Hair & Beauty Salon, Studley today.  They just love turning to the wedding day dream into reality.

Where to start?  There are so many bridal hairstyles to choose from; classic updo’s, waves or curls, half up half down, straight, blow-out, the possibilities really are endless! Start your journey today by booking a bridal day hair consultation appointment and let us begin your hair and beauty transformation in preparation for your wedding day.  And don’t forget, with a range of wedding and bridal hairand beauty packages available we can cater for the whole of your bridal party!

Wedding Day Hair Appointment

Book your wedding day hair consultation at Synergy Hair & Beauty Salon, Studley by calling us now on 01517 854 232.  Your wedding day is all about you!