The Synergy Treat Card

The Treat Card Loyalty Scheme from Synergy Hair and Beauty, Studley

synergy hair and beauty studley treat cardSo you’ve visited our 5 star hair and beauty salon in Studley, you’ve been restyled with the latest hair colour and hair cut, pampered with a Dermalogica facial and signed up to be fuzz free with our IPL hair removal. To say thank you for choosing Synergy, we’ve launched our special Treat Card to give you something back – and it’s completely free to join!

For every £1 you spend at Synergy Hair and Beauty, Studley, we will reward you with points that can be accumulated to spend on rejuvenating and restyling hair and beauty treatments at Synergy. The Treat Card aims to offer you treatments that you’ve never experienced before. As you’re getting something back for free, we want to invite you to experience something new from the full menu of fantastic hair and beauty treatments on offer at Synergy. You might not think to ever treat yourself to a pedicure or hair smoothing or a relaxing facial for example. The Synergy Treat Card allows you the opportunity to sample new and exciting hair and beauty treatments – with no guilt and no charge!

How do I get points on my Synergy Treat Card?

For every £1 you spend at Synergy you will get 1 point on your card. As the treat card is interlinked with our smart digital booking system, the fantastic technology tracks the following and awards bonus points as so:

  • continuous-small-treats-imagedouble points on products (treat your hair or skin at home for more bonus treat points)
  • 50 extra points when you recommend a friend (don’t forget to get them to mention your name when they book!)
  • 25 extra points when you rebook your next appointment every 4-6 weeks
  • 5 extra points when you rebook your next appointment every week
  • 10 extra points for any social media tagging which includes checking in to Synergy on facebook, tagging us in a photo, post, comment, posting a photo of your hair or beauty experience on Twitter
  • 10 extra points for a facebook review or phorest review

The Synergy Treat Card Treatment Values

So you’ve got your home haircare products, you’ve recommended your friends, you’ve checked in on facebook and you’ve tweeted a photo of your new hair. The treat points are stacking up! So, what will you spend your Treat Card points on at Synergy?

Treat Card Menu

Get your Synergy Treat Card today!

Make sure you get your Synergy Treat Card on your next visit to Synergy Hair and Beauty Salon in Studley. Start turning the pounds you spend into points for indulgent treats. After all, you so deserve it!

Questions about the Synergy Treat Card

Got some burning questions about the Treat Card? Call Carol at Synergy Hair and Beauty, Studley on 01527 854 232 or email [email protected]