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Transformation Connections Hair Extensions at Synergy


GET THE LOOK: Add volume, length and texture with Transformation Connections at Synergy Hair & Beauty, Studley

The team at Synergy Hair & Beauty Salon in Studley are thrilled to present Transformation Connections Hair Extensions.

A revolutionary new type of hair extension that combines the hair and the application ring into one streamlined design, using no adhesive, heat or solvent.This method is only available at our Warwickshire Hair Salon, and is one of the most up to date hair extension fixing techniques available in the world today.

Transformation Connections can also provide texture to lifeless hair, as well as highlights or dashes of colour to dull hair – all without the use of chemicals!

Transformation Connections at Synergy | The Hair

Transformation Connections only use 100% Remi Hair Extensions, with a wide range of colours available including pre-mixed shades, ensuring that no matter how unique your hair colour is, there will always be a colour for you.

Transformation Connections comes in two different widths- small and medium. Your Synergy hairdresser can create a bespoke look based on the overall look you want to achieve and the natural thickness of your hair. If you are concerned about your hair extensions showing then don’t be.Transformation Connections are flat at the root and covered by hair – ensuring that you avoid a hair extensions disaster!

Transformation Connections at Synergy | The Application Method

Check out this short tutorial video of how the ‘Connections’ are applied;

Why choose Transformation Connections?

  • Hair Safety
  • No glue-No heat means NO DAMAGE to natural hair
  • Unlike traditional micro-ring application, there is no metal to hair contact
  • Transformation connections can be easily removed; there is no residue to wash out of hair and no need to purchase expensive removing fluid.
  • Easy to maintain

Transformation Connections are re-usable, and if cared for properly (following the advice given by your Synergy Hair Stylist), Transformation Connections can last for a year. You simply have your Transformation Connections taken out and re-installed by your Synergy hairdresser every 2-3 months.

Transformation Connections at Synergy | Pricing

After exploring the multitude of styles, lengths, volumes and colours available, we will determine the creative look you would like to achieve and amount and type of hair required. Prices are subjective to the aforementioned conditions and will be given upon consultation.

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