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The Future of Beauty with Non Surgical Face Treatments

Known as the ‘non surgical face lift’, the award winning CACI treatment is backed up by over 20 years of research and considered the most advanced non surgical facial treatment system of its kind, available now at our beauty salon in Studley.

A CACI non surgical face lift is an electronic beauty treatment using a CACI machine. CACI treatments lift the face by toning facial muscles, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles and preventing sagging skin. CACI achieves visible face lift results, helping to tighten sagging muscles and skin, and smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles. The CACI programme consists of a course of weekly treatments, followed by a monthly maintenance session.

CACI has attracted a unique celebrity following, making it the most publicised beauty treatment with testimonials from Coleen Rooney, Jennifer Lopez and Lisa Snowden to name a few.  CACI clients include famous faces from the world of show business, music, media and royalty.

CACI offers, for the first time, a serious alternative to surgery in an increasingly appearance conscious world.

lisa snowden CACI testimonial

CACI Treatments

Non-surgical facial and body toning treatments.

Consultation treatment (half a face) – free demo
CACI Facial Treatment (1 hour) –  £45.00
CACI Eye Treatment (30 minutes) – £30.00

Course of 10 CACI facial treatments – £400.00

CACI Treatment add-ons

CACI Brand New Jowl Lift | £25 per treatment or £15 CACI facial add on

Improve the appearance of sagging jowls – lift and firm facial contours with CACI’s jowl treatment available at our Studley beauty salon.

This 15 minute facial treatment helps to improve the appearance of sagging jowls by using the CACI Quad Probes which have been specifically developed to target the muscles around the jawline.

The CACI Jowl lift treatment is completely painless, although some clients may experience a slight tingling sensation or metallic taste, which is perfectly normal.

For best results a course of 10 treatments* is recommended over a 5 week period. Once you have completed your CACI jowl treatment course, results can be maintained with a monthly top up treatment.

CACI Jowl treatment course price – 10 treatments for £200

Hydratone Mask | £10.00


The Hydratone mask procedure takes and extra 10-15 minutes to perform yet provides immediate and intensive skin hydration and face firming. De-hydrated and sun damaged skin is immediately quenched by the hydrating action of the mask. The mask’s powerful properties also have a softening action on skin tissue that helps to plump out and smooth deep lines and wrinkles.
After just 10 minutes of Hydratone treatment at our Studley Beauty Salon, the face has a remarkably softer, radiant and more youthful appearance.

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