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LVL Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatments at Synergy Hair & Beauty, Studley, Warwickshire

At Synergy Hair and Beauty Salon in Studley, our team of professional beauty therapists love nothing more than seeing clients looking and feeling fabulous after treatments. A firm salon favourite, Eyelash extensions are a must have for everyone, whatever your style. They come in a range of lengths, thicknesses and shapes and are completely weightless, whilst brightening and lifting your entire face. Score! 

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LVL Lash Treatment | £50

LVL Lashes Synergy Hair and Beauty StudleyLVL Lashes are a quick, painless way of adding instant Hollywood glamour to your look. Loved by celebrity makeup artists like Lisa Eldridge, LVL Lashes help give that stunning wide-eyed look to your natural lash, whilst saving us from having to perform the often laborious task of applying/removing mascara.

  • LVL Lashes will add length, volume and lift to your natural lashes
  • LVL Lashes DO NOT use lash extensions – we work with your natural lashes for a full effect
  • A completely natural, low maintenance treatment
  • No harsh perming techniques
  • Treatments take just 45 minutes and last up to 6 weeks

To compliment your lash treatment why not add;

Eyelash Tint | £9.00

eyelash tint synergy studleyAre you sick of applying mascara daily?
Dreading the inevitable ‘panda-eye’ making an appearance on a night out?

Then why not opt for our Eyelash Tinting Treatment! A quick, painless procedure, eyelash tinting temporarily dyes the lashes. If your lashes are naturally blond, opting for an eyelash tint will create a much more dramatic look for your eyes.

With tinted lashes, you wake up looking like you already have make-up on, making it a great option for ladies who have busy, active lifestyles. If you spend a lot of time swimming, playing sports or chasing your kids around, it’s likely that you do not often wear mascara. Lash tinting will give you a more polished, coiffed look that is also no-maintenance.

Eye Lashes & Eyebrow Treatment Prices at Top Studley Salon

Please find below our extensive range of Eye treatments and services available.

Eyelash Tint
Choice of waterproof colours to enhance your eyes which last 4 – 6 weeks
Eyebrow Tint
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint
Eyebrow Shape
Strip Lashes
Synergy Express Lashes
Last up to a week, Great for a night out or special occasion.
Eye Enhance Lash & Brow Tint plus Eyebrow Shape