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Are you looking for the best hair colouring services in Studley, Redditch? If you are considering a new hair colour, why not come and talk to one of our experienced and highly trained colour technicians at Synergy. We will offer you a complimentary hair colour consultation so we can discuss what you’re after, assess the condition of your hair and plan your gorgeous new look.

Book an appointment at our award winning hair & beauty salon in Redditch, Warwickshire by calling 01527 854 232 or book online.

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Hair Colour Consultation at Synergy Hair Salon Redditch

Your Hair Colour Consultation at Synergy Hair Salon Redditch

At our Studley hair salon, the team of qualified colour technicians will help you choose the right hair colour taking into account your skin tone, helping you create the perfect hair colour choice.

Advice will be given on maintaining your new hair colour for as long as possible by using the right products and by keeping up with regular hair maintenance appointments. We will also explain the relevant hair colour techniques that will enable your hairdresser to achieve the final desired hair colour.

Whether you're looking for permanent hair colour, semi-permanent hair colour, highlights, lowlights, balayage, ombre or you want to cover grey hair or you need urgent assistance with hair colour correction then you're in safe, trusted and expert hands at Synergy.

Redken Hair Colour 

Want to try a new hair colour? We have a range of Redken hair colours available at our Redditch hairdressing salon from bright to pastel. Bear in mind, of course, that not all hair colours are easily achievable and some may not be possible depending on your base colour. Your experienced Synergy hair colourist will advise you on what can realistically be achieved during your consultation.  

You've heard of calcium to fortify your bones and exercise to fortify your muscles…but what are you doing to keep your hair strong and healthy? Chromatics from Redken is a revolutionary professional hair colour which fortifies every strand giving you shinier, healthier-looking hair and amazing colour after just one salon visit.            


Cover Unwanted Grey Hair

Fed up of unwanted grey hair? We have the expertise and skill to perfectly match and blend your colour so your hair looks fresh and vibrant.  If you want to cover your grey hair or blend white hair so it is not as obvious then a root re-touch is the colour service for you. To maintain your hair colour, we recommend you visit every 4-6 weeks, however, one of our expert colourists will be able to give you more advice on this depending on your exact colour shade.

We also offer Redken Chromatics at Synergy which allows you to achieve 4-dimensional hair colour. Better yet, it has the ability to cover up to 100% grey hair. Your locks will be left feeling stronger and more conditioned.


Highlights & Lowlights

If you want to try changing your hair colour but are not ready to fully commit, start by adding some lighter or darker hair shades to your locks. W can even add subtle highlights that give a rooty, natural finish.

By applying multiple colours and shades to a few strands of hair at a time, we can create multi-tonal, three-dimensional hair colour. Highlights are perfect for creating those sun-kissed hues, honey blondes and ash blonde colours. Lowlights really add depth to hair colour and can be used to create some subtle but striking hair colours.

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Balayage is one of the most popular hair colour trends and the team at Synergy are highly skilled in creating the latest looks including blonde balayage, red balayage, balayage with a dark root & fashion balayage and ombré. 

When it comes to hair colour, one of the most common questions our hair colour technicians get asked is ‘what is the difference between balayage and ombré? Balayage is a modern highlighting technique where colour is added to your hair to create bespoke results. It derives from the French word ‘to sweep’ and allows your colourist to place face framing highlights in foil or use a freehand technique to deliver a tailored hair colour. Ombre is the transition from a darker colour at the roots into a lighter colour towards the ends of your hair.

It is understandable that confusion may arise as balayage has become an umbrella term for many colouring techniques including colour melt hair, money piece, face frame colour and root smudge. chat with your Synergy colourist who will happily guide you through your choices.

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