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Pro 30 Facial

30 minutes | Price: From £45.00

Buy 6 pay for 4 

Got a big event, no time for a facial but you're bothered by breakouts, bags under your eyes, dull skin or you just need a quick Dermalogica skin fix? Then try our comprehensive range of short, sharp treatments to solve skin issues in a snap!

Our expert skin therapists at Synergy Hair and Beauty, Studley are fully trained Dermalogica therapists who with their expertise and full range of Dermalogica products can provide a skin solution in just 20 minutes!

Dermalogica treatments like flash exfoliation (great for shaping up before events), extractions and even eye revitalization (perfect after long travels) are included on the Dermalogica Express MicroZone treatment menu. That means no changing out of your clothes, no fuss and big results! We'll even show you how to identify and treat your concerns effectively at home to maintain your skin care results.

*complimentary with the purchase of two or more Dermalogica products. 

The Dermalogica Pro 60 Skin Treatment

1hr from £80

Buy 6 pay for 4 

The Dermalogica Skin Treatment is 100% customised to your skin’s needs. Think of it as your personal skin care routine, created especially for you to deliver your skin’s best health. This particular Dermalogica facial treatment includes a professional double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (as needed), masque, toner and skin protection using a range of skin specific products from Dermalogica.

While no one knows your skin better than your Dermalogica Skin Therapist, only you know how you feel. That’s why you can customise any Dermalogica Skin Treatment with your choice of Touch Therapies.

What is a touch therapy?
Dermalogica Touch Therapies are 10 minute techniques that provide powerful physiological and psychological benefits using a range of massage and hands-on therapies. Each Touch Therapy selects from Global massage techniques that can provide specific benefits to a targeted area:

10-minutes of extra attention where you need it most. 

Choose from the following stress relieving Dermalogica Touch Therapy treatments:

Targeted Neck and shoulder
Age Reversal - Facial deep tissue
Stress Relief Scalp


The Dermalogica Skin Treatment Deluxe

1hr 30mins from £100

Feeling the pressure today? Did you know that upto 70% of body tension can be found in the scalp?
Then why not treat yourself and go for a Deluxe Dermalogica Facial. This facial treatment includes all above plus a back, neck and shoulder massage.
Go on, you know you want to!

Dermalogica Face Mapping

Know your zones with FREE Dermalogica face mapping available at the Synergy Skin Bar, Beauty Salon in Studley, Warwickshire. Your Dermalogica experience starts with complimentary face mapping skin analysis, a totally free service in the comfort of our Studley beauty salon! Not only will your Dermalogica Skin Therapist diagnose your skin’s concerns, but they will also prescribe a no-nonsense home care and treatment regimen, specific to your 14 unique zones.

Once your skin has been analysed, we can select the best Dermalogica products suitable to the needs of your skin at our Skin Bar. Here you can learn how to use the Dermalogica products, hands-on and you can try out as many as you like, for free!

zones 1 & 3

A ‘sister’ to the bladder and digestive system, frequent breakouts in this area could mean you need to improve your elimination of toxins by drinking more water and eating more whole foods.

zone 2
Related to the liver, congestion in the middle of the forehead, between the eyebrows, can indicate overconsumption of alcohol, rich foods, and possibly a food allergy (such as lactose intolerance).

zones 4 & 10
Kidneys correlate to the ears. If your ears are very hot, you might be stressing your kidneys out, so drink plenty of plain water and cut down on caffeine and alcohol.

zones 5 & 9
The cheeks in zones 5 and 9 can give us a glimpse into the respiratory system. If you suffer from allergies or you smoke, you may experience fine, broken capillaries or congestion in this area.

zones 6 & 8
The eyes are truly a window to the body’s true health. Related to the kidneys, problems with elimination and dehydration can often lead to dark circles under the eyes.

zone 7
A nose that is redder in colour can sometimes mean high blood pressure or the early stages of rosacea.

zones 11 & 13
A breakout along the jawline can be an indication of extensive dental surgery or a build-up of cosmetics that have been missed during a cleansing routine.

zone 12
Breakouts in this area coupled with unusual hair growth can indicate hormonal imbalance, possibly caused by stress. Premenstrual breakouts are also very common on the chin and nothing to be concerned about.

zone 14
The skin on your neck is just as fragile as the skin on your face so don’t forget to include your neck in your treatment regimen. The skin on the neck is just as fragile as that on your face, so it definitely needs the benefits of moisturisation and sun protection.


Dermalogica Face Mapping at Synergy beauty salon, Studley

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