Hair Extensions by Synergy

Are you sick of flat, tired looking hair?
Bored of waiting for your own hair to grow out?
In need of a serious volume fix? 

Whether you are wanting to add length or thickness to your hair, Hair Extensions are a fantastic way of revitalising your look. At our Hair and Beauty Salon in Studley, our qualified hairdressers can help you choose the right colour, length and style of hair extensions unique to your own hair needs and desires during your free consultation. We offer several different hair extension fixing methods and brands of hair extensions, including Great Lengths Hair Extensions and Transformation Connections.

Hair Extension Application Methods at Synergy, Studley

Individual Stands or ‘Bonds’

Bonds are a great method of application to choose if you are looking for partial extensions as they are individual. They could be used to create just a fringe (this can take up to an hour), or a half head of bonded extensions (around two hours) can be used to create a fuller, longer look to your own hair. A full head of individual bonded extensions can take up to three hours to fit – the time varies on the amount of hair used. Results will have a very natural feel, and can last up to eight weeks. Both Great Lengths Hair Extensions and Transformation Connections use this method.

Weaving or Braiding

Weaving or braiding hair extensions into the hair is a traditional method of hair extension application that has been used for centuries. This technique involves braiding small sections of a client’s hair, and then sewing wefts of hair onto the braids. At our Synergy Hair Salon, our professional team of hairdressers can blend the hair extensions with the client’s own natural hair, and style for an undetectable look. This is a fantastic method of hair extension attachment for those who want to rest their hair from chemicals and heat styling and can be used to lengthen or add volume to your hair with out the use of glue or resin.

  • Hair Extension Weaves can be worn for up to three months with a retightening schedule of 4 weeks
  • Depending on requirements, you may choose to have a couple of rows of hair extensions fitted or a full head.
  • Our professional hairdresser can help advise you during your free consultation

Prices For Weaved and Braided Hair Extensions

(Prices do not include the hair itself. This is for hair extension application only.  Hair extensions can be supplied by us and recommended by your hair extension specialist here at Synergy or you can source your own. Please note, single rows are for fine weak hair and double rows for thicker stronger hair).

One single row
One double row
Two single rows
Two double rows
Three single rows
Three double rows
Four single rows
Four double rows
Full head


The maintenance of your hair extensions is vital. As your own hair grows, the base of your weave will naturally loosen, retightening is recommended every 4-5 weeks.

Per double row
Per single row
Removal prior to new set | per row
Complete removal | per row

Suffering from hair loss or thinning hair?

At Synergy Hair & Beauty Salon in Studley, we specialise in hair replacement for those suffering hair loss or for clients with thinning hair. We understand the devastating effects that hair loss can have on your self esteem and confidence. The techniques and procedures we offer can help restore your confidence whilst giving you the hair that you desire.

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