Bikini Waxing Explained

Time For A Bikini Wax? Find Out What Waxing Treatment To Ask For At Synergy Beauty Salon in Studley

If you are heading off on holiday this summer then pop into our Redditch beauty salon first for a top quality hair removal treatment to get you looking and feeling great on the beach or by the pool. Our team of expert beauty therapist will have you sleek, smooth and bikini ready in no time!

Underarm waxing at synergy beauty salon in studley

But when it comes to hair removal there are lots of different types and styles – so here’s a guide to help you decide what wax you want. Plus, if you didn’t know already, we also offer facials, LVL eyelashes and tanning services. Find out more about our top Summer beauty treatments here.

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Bikini Line Touch Up

A classic bikini wax is where we can keep everything looking neat and tidy! Hair is only removed from the outer line of where your underwear sits.

Full Bikini Line Wax

If you are nervous or embarrassed about having a hair removal treatment then don’t be! We have seen it all before and will do our very best to put you at ease and make your waxing treatment as quick and painless as possible.

The Full Bikini Line Wax or Standard Bikini Line Wax focuses on making the top and sides of your pubic hair neater. The best bit is you can keep your pants on while you have this done!

French Wax: The Landing Strip

If you only want a small amount of public hair left but don’t want to be completely bare then the French Wax is perfect for you. Hair is removed from the front and sides, but the hair is left alone around the middle and back.

The great thing about this style is that you can choose whatever shape you want. The Landing Strip is the traditional options, but other options are a small triangle or a postage stamp shape.

Brazilian Wax: The Bermuda Triangle

Brazilian waxing is a popular technique and is the best hair removal treatment if you want to be completely hairless and smooth.

All hair is removed from the top, sides and all the way under and we can even remove unwanted hair from around your bum if you want! Again, the shape is completely up to you, with the classic being The Landing Strip, but The Bermuda Triangle is another popular option.

The Hollywood Wax

The Hollywood will leave you completely bare! But be ready to get into some interesting positions. Don’t worry, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before! For a smooth and completely hairless look, choose The Hollywood. 

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Underarm waxing at synergy beauty salon in studley

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Maxine Davy
Lovely lady, kind and patient. Tina
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Stella F
Friendly therapist, and having had previous painful waxing experiences, this one was fab. I had Lycon hot wax and brilliant. Would book in again.