Having Your Hair Coloured For The First Time?

Your Hair Colouring Questions Answered by Synergy Hair Salon, Studley

hair colour services at synergy hair salon in studleyAre you bored of your hair colour? Looking for a top salon in Redditch to disguise grey hair? Want to give your natural red, brown or blonde hair colour a boost? 

At Synergy hair salon, Redditch we understand that it can be daunting when considering colouring your hair for the first time. 

Here, our hair colour experts have put together their top tips and advice for having your hair coloured for the first time…

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Will My Hair Colour Be Permanent?

ombre hair colour at synergy hairdressers in studleyTemporary hair colour – Many first time hair colour clients find it less intimidating to use a temporary hair colour for their first time. This colour will wash out after a few shampoos. 

Semi-permanent hair colour – Semi-permanent hair colour will fade wash out later than temporary hair colour, it is ideal for a colour boost or to hide a few grey hairs.

Permanent hair colour – Permanent hair dye works by lifting the cuticles along the hair shaft and depositing the colour deep within each hair strand, hair can be lightened or darkened with permanent hair colour. Your roots will need touching up every six to eight weeks.

You Must Have a Skin Allergy Test!

You must come in for a quick skin test at least 48 hours prior to your colour appointment to test for allergies to the colour ranges we use. 

There’s no need to book for this as it takes seconds, but we will not colour without a record of a skin test. All we do is dab a small amount of colour behind your ear which you should wipe away after 30 minutes. If you have had no reaction within 48 hours, we can go ahead with your hair colour.

Blend Away Grey Hair & Enhance Your Natural Tones

Highlights and lowlights make a great introduction to hair colour and are ideal for disguising grey and white hair. Hair glossing treatments can complement your natural hair colour making it look healthy & shiny.

Bright & Bold Fashion Hair Colours

There’s no doubt that vibrant hair colours make a statement. At Synergy hair salon in Studley we use the latest hair colours and technique to deliver the best fashion shades including pretty pastels, rose gold shades, copper red hair colours and more…

Balayage For Natural Looking Hair Colour at Top Salon Redditch

A consultation is key to achieving your perfect hair colour. At Synergy hairdressers, Studley we will take the time to guide you through all the colour choices, application methods available.

Colour Correction & Hair Colour Problems Fixed at Synergy Hair Salon, Studley

hair colour services at synergy hair salon in studleyIf you are looking for a colour correction salon in Redditch that specialises in colour correction look no further then Synergy.

Our experienced and skilled team are highly trained to correct hair colour problems & fix your DIY hair colour disasters! If your hair colour has gone wrong please seek professional hair colour advice immediately.

Best Salon Reviews – Redditch

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Salon Review
Amiee always colours my hair brilliantly x
Salon Review
Maragret H
First time had salon colour and very very pleased. Cut was excellent as always
Salon Review
Sarah B
Great cut, love my new colour and friendly staff