Transitional Grey Hair

Embrace Grey Hair At Synergy Hair & Beauty Salon In Studley

Often the media tells women that they should hide their grey hairs, but at Synergy Hairdressers in Warwickshire, we say embrace your grey hair!

Whether you want to blend away any grey hairs or go all in with a silver-grey hair colour, we’re here to support you and your choices at Synergy Hair Salon.

If you want to let your grey hair grow out, but don’t want to have the demarcation lines from when you last had you hair coloured, we can help!

At our Studley hairdressing salon, we can create transitional grey hair colours that match your natural grey hair colour and your salt and pepper pattern.

Go grey gracefully with a gorgeous transitional grey hair colour at Synergy Hair & Beauty Salon.

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What is Transitional Grey Hair?

The transitional grey hair service is ideal for clients who have been colouring their hair for years, but are ready to embrace their natural grey hair instead.

Rather than having to wait for your grey hair to gradually grow in, our expert colourists can colour the lengths of your hair to match the roots.

During a consultation, we will discuss how grey you would like to go. We can then create a subtle salt and pepper hair colour to match your natural pattern and gradually increase the amount of grey hair colour applied at each visit. If you’re ready to go completely grey, we can create a stunning silver fox hair colour for you, too!

The Transitional Grey Hair Process

The transitional grey hair colour process is much quicker than waiting for your grey roots to grow out. However, creating the transitional grey hair colour you desire make take hours or even a few appointments. This is so that we can create seamlessly blended hair colour that looks natural and matches the grey hair look you’d like to achieve. At Synergy Hair & Beauty Salon in Warwickshire, we want you to look and feel fabulous and confident as you embrace your natural grey hair.

The transitional grey hair process will likely include the following steps to achieve your grey hair goal:

  1. Our colour experts will analyse your natural grey hair colour and salt and pepper pattern. This means you will need a few inches of new growth that has not been coloured or highlighted for us to properly analyse your hair.
  2. We will then remove any previous hair dyes and depending on your natural base hair colour, we may need to lighten your hair all over to achieve the grey hair colour you desire.
  3. Our skilled colour technicians will use a range of hair colouring techniques (such as single process colour, highlights, lowlights, balayage) to mimic your natural salt and pepper hair colour.
  4. At each following hair colour appointment at our Studley hairdressers, we will gradually reduce the amount of hair colour applied to allow more grey hair to come through.

Experts In Silver & Grey Hair Transformations

Whether you want a subtle grey hair transition, or a complete silver hair transformation, we can do it all at Synergy Hairdressers in Warwickshire!

We use the best Redken hair colours to create sensational hair colours to suit you. Our expert colourists are highly trained in all the latest hair colouring techniques to provide you with stunning results every time.

Whatever hair colour you would like, make sure to visit the hair colour experts in Studley at Synergy Hair & Beauty Salon. If you're never visited our hair salon before, we're offering you 20% off any service! We also offer great discounts on last-minute appointments. Take advantage of our amazing deals and book your transitional grey hair appointment with us now!

Grey Hair Transitions At Top Warwickshire Salon

To begin your grey hair transformation journey, book in for a consultation at Synergy Hairdressing Salon in Studley. To book your appointment, call us on 01527 854 232 or book online.