This year I’m celebrating 25 years in the hairdressing industry and I’m still as passionate now as I was when I started. Every year I learn more and more and I get excited by all the new techniques and advances in technology within the industry. They all have one aim in mind – to make you look and feel your very best!

I know what it is like to live with hair that you hate. I myself was born with frizzy, unruly Afro hair so decided to become a hairdresser so I could learn how to tame my locks! My mother used to take me to a local salon where they would try and control my unmanageable hair by shaving it all off! I still remember going home and getting straight in to bed pulling the quilt over my head and crying my eyes out!

I wear hair extensions now and love the way they give me confidence and make me feel glamourous. I believe everyone deserves to look & feel beautiful which is why I set up Synergy hair & beauty salon in Studley. I strongly believe that when you look good you feel good and that confidence can be life changing – that confidence can take you anywhere. you could nail that promotion at work you know you deserve, or bag a date with that special someone, the possibilities are endless. It’s all about you at Synergy – invest in yourself and feel good. 

A visit to our Studley salon should be an experience that leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  We offer a range of refreshing drinks so sit back and enjoy a glass of fizz and catch up on all the latest celebrity gossip with a glossy magazine.  Our experienced stylists & therapists will get to work creating the very best version of you so you leave the salon looking and feeling fabulous.

I truly love my profession, when a client bursts into happy tears after I’ve transformed their look, I know I’ve done a great job. I am so passionate about helping to make people feel amazing – it gives me a real buzz.

My hope is to give everyone a fabulous salon experience and hopefully in some way contribute to changing your life.